Summer 2016: Days 58-61

This posts encompasses Friday through Monday. There was vomit.

Michael had gotten sick last week, throwing up overnight, but he recovered right away. On Saturday, I managed to pick up the same bug. I woke up early and felt pukey. We were going to go to a sort of party on Rockport Lake, but Lori took the boys while I stayed home and descended into a gastro-intestinal mess. I didn't throw up much, but I did feel bad almost all day, eating just a few crackers and drinking some ginger ale. To make matters worse, between the tensing up from vomiting and possibly napping in a strangle angle, I threw out my lower back. So I was barely moving and queasy.

By Sunday morning, just as soon as it had hit, the bug was gone and I felt better. My back felt better, too, as the day progressed.

The weather blessedly cooled off today, and we opened windows in the house and turned off the air. My back felt much better, and I did spend about 10 minutes in the hot tub at the JCC, which also helped. In the evening, Ben and I went searching for Pokemon on the new app that's now on my phone.

So what did I do Friday, before the puke?  We were at the pool for a few hours, while Ben had swim practice and Michael shot around in the gym. Funny how I remember being sick vividly but can't recall the normal day before ...


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