Summer 2016: Days 73-77

We left one oven just to land in another -- though we're not in 110 range, Salt Lake has been firmly in high 90s/low 100s since we got back from Las Vegas. The past five days have been dealing with the heat, trying to get back into a routine, and looking forward to our next trip.

There was plenty of swimming over the weekend and a Bees game. Michael played in a 3-on-3 tournament the past two days (his team is 2-2 so far). Ben rocked some killer swim practices this week. And I've tried to stay cool, though I'm again being defiant by working outside. I am still self-dousing to beat the heat, and Monday I crashed the water fight of Ben and his friend.

I'm writing outside at 10:30 p.m., and it still feels like it's 90 out here. I'm tempted to run through the sprinkler. I keep reminding myself, this is my favorite time of year ...


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