Summer 2016: Day 69; Vegas, Day 2

Today was long and wonderful. It started early and ended late. It was jam-packed in between.

Lori bought groceries for the week, and she took the boys to the pool when the waterslides opened and the resort was hosting a rubber duckie contest at 10 a.m. I met them down there later and tried the waterslides -- they were very fast (but at least completely enclosed). We went upstairs for lunch, then went to Michael's first game of the tournament.

Unfortunately, two players who were supposed to be on the roster never showed and never bothered to tell anyone they weren't coming, leaving us with five players. We added a girl from the fifth-grade team, but we still got pummeled and worn out. Michael got a little beat up -- at the end of the game, I noticed a footprint on his back, and neither of us knew how it got there.

Ben met a new friend -- the sister of one Michael's new teammates -- and they hit it off immediately. The two are the same age and have much the same personality. We went out for pizza with the new family and another of Michael's teammates, then they came back to the resort to swim. The boys hung out for a couple hours, as did Ben and his new friend. She gave him a hug at the end of the night, which amazingly left him speechless for a few seconds; it was quite cute.

I sat on our balcony and worked the rest of the night. Vegas never cooled off, but the view south toward the mountains, though not of the strip, was still impressive at night.


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