Humid nature

The weather gets quite hot in Utah during the summer. Salt Lake City is somewhat high desert, and a day above 90 degrees in July is the norm, despite how north this city is. So when I hear about heat waves in the Midwest, I fondly remember what a big deal that was when we lived there, then chuckle because it's just as hot here and nobody thinks twice about it. The cliche about dry heat applies to SLC: It gets hot here because it's bright and not so much humid.

Today, just days before we vacation in the Midwest and encounter the humidity we don't miss, what did we get in Salt Lake City today? Humidity. Unless I've blocked it out from a past summer, I could not recall as humid a July day in SLC as we endured today. If Earth's climate is indeed whacked out beyond the point of no return, I'm convinced it won't be strange winters, killer tornados, early-season hurricanes or melting Greenland that cements that belief, but humid July days in Utah.

At the very least, today's humidity will prepare us for our trip back to Chicago, where the humidity likely will be more suffocating than it will be today. Maybe 11 years in Utah has jaded me toward Midwestern weather, because I'm in no hurry to visit Wisconsin in January, maybe ever again.


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