Millennium falcons

The first four days of our vacation were quite active, with a plenty of walking and plenty of humidity. With Wife working in Milwaukee on Sunday, I was somewhat planning a lower-key afternoon for Day 5 of our vacation. And for the most part, that was achieved.

Rain poured down all morning (Chicago has just been shelled overnight and into the morning with rain the past few days, but the sun eventually has come out every day by mid-afternoon), so that kept us mostly inside and mellow. The boys played games and watched TV, and my dad made chocolate chip pancakes. The sun finally came out, and we headed downtown to explore Millennium Park. The highlight for the boys was the Crown Fountain -- two 50-foot glass-block video screens that feature people's faces, and every few minutes, the face purses its lips and water sprays out from the wall. The boys loved getting soaked, and just standing by the fountain (but not getting wet) provided the adults with some cool relief. Afterward, we walked to another fountain: Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park. There we took pictures and ate ice cream.

After arriving back at my dad's house (and after Wife got back from Milwaukee), the boys played more games with their family, and we also went to the park for a little while. I went for a short walk tonight to cap off the "relaxing" day before writing this post. Wife is in Milwaukee on Monday as well, so another "relaxing" day might be in store for us. And yikes, vacation is a third over ...

(Slug Bug update: Eldest 16, Littlest 12, me 10, Wife 9. And this story: Littlest took a free copy of a used car sales catalog [similar to a real estate guide you might find in a "take one" box on a corer] and said it was his magazine because he needed to get more slug bugs. Classic!)

Click here for Day 6.


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