Waterpark madness

My daily vacation blogging goal hit a snag Wednesday and Thursday nights, when after full days of waterpark fun, I was just about too tired to pull out the computer and try to type. These past days have been that fun and that exahusting.

We left Waukesha on Wednesday morning and arrived at the waterpark resort in Wisconsin Dells around noon. The Wilderness let gave us our waterpark passes even though our condo we were sharing with Wife's family wasn't ready, and we hit one of the eight mini-waterparks right away. We swam for a couple hours until Wife's family arrived from northern Wisconsin, then went to another waterpark inside the resort.

Sense a pattern? Thursday was more of the same: More waterpark fun. The boys had a blast. We figured out that Eldest was in the water for about 16 hours of the 48 we were at the resort. His favorite rides were the crazy thrill rides and a lazy river that included a small slide and a conveyor belt that brought floaters back up to the top half of the river. Littlest loved some of the smaller water slides aimed at slightly younger kids (fortunate because he was just too short to go on some of the bigger rides). I liked a group ride on which all four of us rode in a giant raft down a long, dark slide.

We checked out this morning but still had our waterpark passes, so, we splashed for another three hours. Finally, by about 2, we left the resort and Wisconsin Dells for Eagle River. Except for about five minutes in which Wife couldn't find her wallet (eventually, it was found), the ride up north was smooth. We checked into our hotel, went to The Penalty Box in Eagle River for a fish fry (fun place, among its games were a Super Chexx and a Tapper!), and returned to our hotel to get to sleep relatively early after three long days.

We're only spending a couple days in Eagle River before returning to Chicago. In the meantime, we are likely to sleep well tonight. Last night, every time I closed my eyes, I kept picturing walking barefoot up wet stairs. Waterpark madness sure made an impression ...

(Slug Bug update: In the Dells, I snapped a picture of this Beetle with a moose atop it. Alas, the boys were not present when I saw it, so it couldn't be scored, though this avoided the controversy about how many extra points a moose is worth. Current scores: Eldest 25, Littlest 20, me 16, Wife 14.)

Click here for Day 11.


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