Meet me halfway

Today is July 15, the midpoint of the middle month of summer. As expected and predicted, summer is going by fast.

People I haven't seen in weeks (mostly parents of my kids' classmates) have been asking me how our summer has been, and I've been honest: good, but really busy. Thinking about it, the first half summer has been really good. Swimming, baseball, soccer, Little Gym camp this week, a couple hikes, fireworks, the waterpark, a great Michael Franti concert last night, parties and plenty of playtime have dominated summer since the weather finally turned for the better. The temperature, though normal Utah warm for summer, hasn't been unbearably, continuously hot like it has been for other parts of the country (I'm so not looking forward to humidity when we go back to the Midwest next week). We've been busy, but good busy. The boys have been tired occasionally, but never so tired that they weren't looking forward to their next event of fun, even if it's just playing outside with their friends.

All the busy time will end soon enough: After vacation, we have three weeks with barely anything scheduled. All the summer sports the boys are participating in will be over. Two weeks of vacation and three weeks of free time to cement this as the best summer ever. Until, maybe, summer 2012.


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