Vacate the premises

I spent today getting ready for vacation. And after my crazy day, I determined I need a vacation from getting ready for vacation -- preferably before the original vacation.

Today (and not in this order, I can't even quite remember what came when), I packed, bought cat food from the vet, took the boys to get haircuts, packed, went to the grocery store, mowed the lawn, watered the lawn, packed, got a gift card for Littlest's speech therapy clincian, took Littlest to speech therapy, packed, went through a McDonald's drive-thru for lunch (ugh, the vacation unintentional meal plan started a day early), went to Costa Vida for dinnner (good fresh Mexican food, now finally with refried beans in their burritos in addition to intact beans), charged all our electronic devices and packed. This was after yesterday when we had a baseball game and a swim meet, I did laundry, updated iPods and, you guessed it, packed.

But aside from a couple minor things, everything is ready to go. I may get out for a walk after I'm done blogging, partly to burn some calories after my Big Mac/steak burrito day, partly to get that little pre-vacation vacation in.


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