All things equinox

Fall began today. Summer was still yesterday. I don't go much by the official seasons when I think of what is summer, what is fall, and so on, but astronomically, we are now in fall.

I didn't blog last night after being just worn out at 10 p.m. Yesterday started out well but descended into frustration and antsy-ness. The boys didn't cause this, but after they got home, any fatigue I had been battling all week finally caught up with me. I just felt blah, and instead of being productive, watched two episodes of "Law and Order: SVU." Yes, that's the way my mood turned. We did go outside for a little while and watched a movie as the boys fell asleep. But I was dragging and went to bed by 11.

I'm not sure what's up. I shouldn't be this tired -- I slept OK all week (though overnight Thursday, I did have a bad dream in which I temporarily couldn't find Ben). I ate like crap all week, too (though I managed salads the last two days). The routine, the goals, the list are all waiting. I just can't seem to find the energy to get there just yet. I'm hopeful for next week.

Today was a soccer day, and I felt re-energized coaching two teams to victory (though I tell my kids, don't worry about the score). Michael's team played its best game of the season and won 10-0 (and he scored three goals), and Ben's team played phenomenally against a team that, according to its coach, hadn't given up a goal all season until us. We won 5-4. Ben is amazing to watch, not because he's this incredible talent (he's not, but he tries -- I wish he was more aggressive sometimes, but today, he was tough, especially after taking a corner kick right to the gut and playing through it), but because he gets so excited playing defense. The ball starts coming his way, dribbled by the other team, and he does this incredible, hyper, uncoordinated, excited bounce before he starts heading for the play. I need to get this on video so I never forget the sheer exuberance, fear and anticipation he feels.

We went to Smashburger for lunch. The boys played with their friends on the block for a few hours while I worked around the house. The energy was back a little, at least enough to get out after the boys fell asleep and blog.


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