Monday Monday

I haven't blogged in a few days, and I'm not sad about it -- I think I needed a break, especially after getting so sick a week ago. This week, I'm striving to post every day, and not just to get back on the wagon. With the routine settling in, I want to chart what I do every day for one week and see where I can be more productive, more efficient.

So here was my Monday. I worked late last night but was up this morning, and after the boys went to school, I drove Lori to the Enterprise so she could rent a car to take to Logan for the day. I came home and went back to sleep for a while, then woke up and ate lunch. I took the dog on a walk. I worked on a freelance project while sitting on the front porch (the weather has been gorgeous the last few days). The boys came home from school, and I worked a little more on the project. Lori came home, and we returned the car. I went to a soccer coaching clinic at Sunnyside Park. I got home, ate dinner, played War with Ben, listened to him read some of "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" to me, watched the Broncos-Falcons game, then took Popcorn on another short walk. I'm blogging now and going to bed soon.

See, that was somewhat productive. I do snack too much when I'm in the house, which I need to figure out. I'm co-oping all day tomorrow, so blogging about that should be straightforward.


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