Summer, days 102-104

The cold I had been fearing Thursday overwhelmed me Friday.

After a rough night in which I kept awakening with stuffiness and a sore throat, I slept late, woke up, went back to bed. I woke up, ate some breakfast, went back to bed. I woke up, at a little lunch, went back to bed. I woke up, then only had a short while before work. I was so wiped out. I made it through work, got home, and tried to get as much sleep as I could before having to wake up early the next morning for soccer practice.

My idea was to get an unofficial soccer practice in for both boys' teams before practice officially starts this week. I didn't know how sick I would be the day before. But I woke up Saturday morning and made fulfilled my commitment. I didn't know if it was just adrenaline or perhaps the worst of the cold had passed me by, but it wasn't so bad. My throat did start to hurt from coaching, and I didn't run much (and made sure not to shake any parents' hands), but I survived. The brunt of this cold was hitting Lori, so I bought lunch for all of us at Costa Vida and brought it home. The cold began moving into my throat, and Lori was worn out, so we stayed inside and watched NetFlix for most of the rest of the day. 

Lori and I had more energy Sunday, and we took the boys and one of Michael's friends to the pool, as we had planned before the colds struck. Neither of us put our heads under water much (nothing like a nose full of water with a cold ...), but the boys had so much fun and must have jumped off the diving board 30 times each. I wasn't too stuffy and was only coughing by this time, and wasn't so tired. I took Michael to a fantasy football draft I was participating in that evening, and I felt OK, though I was sitting next to a heavy smoker, and though he wasn't smoking near me, just the fumes off his clothing was irritating my cough. I drafted a good team, and when I got home, I wasn't coughing any more. I watched "The Hunger Games" again, this time with Lori, and went to bed.

And that brings us to this morning, Day 105 of summer, Labor Day. Just a little stuffy. No cough, though the cold seems to have settled in my lungs like colds usually do. I'll take some Mucinex for that and know that this cold, though quick-hitting and rough at times, was quick. When I am sick, I always think about how long it will last, or how long it has been since I felt normal. I thought that Friday, and here it is, Monday morning, and I'm better. The cold almost erased three days of summer -- among the last days I didn't want erased.Yet, I still managed to get outside and do a couple of the things I wanted to do. Time to enjoy the holiday.

Labor Day on tap.


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