TGINW (Thank God it's not Wednesday)

The boys are off school today, and I'm typing this from Kangaroo Zoo, an inflatable playland in North Salt Lake. The day off was such a rare, revered occasion in my youth that I wanted to make sure they had fun today.

My plan didn't go as smoothly as I hoped.

I originally wanted to take them on a train ride at the Heber Valley Railroad. The changing leaves in the mountains are peaking, and we hadn't been on this train in since 2008. Alas, our Outback needs a new water pump, which are replacing on Monday, but I didn't want to tempt fate. My next idea was Cowabunga Bay, a waterpark that is open for one more weekend. The temperature today is in the low 80s, so weather wasn't a concern, but the park wasn't open until 3 (and then closes at 7). I still think it would be fun to go this weekend (tickets this late are cheap), but it just wasn't going to work out today.

So, we ended up at Kangaroo Zoo. We had some passes and took one of Michael's friends along. But I wanted to go sooner, but we didn't get out until later. I'm trying to figure out the three hours it took for us to get out the door, but other than some work-related stuff and a load of laundry I folded, I don't know where the time went.

Do I feel a responsibility to make sure the boys' weekdays' off from school are more than just playing video games and watching "Phineas and Ferb?" Hell, yeah. Maybe I shouldn't feel that way, but I do. The days off are rare, and will be rarer when they grow up. They can veg out on weekends. Days off from school are meant to be enjoyed to the fullest.


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