Miserable vomitous mass

I didn't blog Saturday night simply because I was tired. Sunday I worked late. Monday was just bad.

After going to sleep Sunday night, I woke up about 3:30 a.m.with a song on my still-playing iPod in my dream. Within a couple minutes, my stomach started churning. Two nights earlier, Michael had thrown up in the middle of the night without even being awake to realize he was about to hurl. He was sick for about 24 hours and was fine afterward. I began to worry that maybe I was falling victim to the same bug.

I couldn't fall back asleep for long because I was so queasy. I couldn't lay on my stomach because it upset my stomach even more. Finally a couple hours later, I began to throw up. Then again an hour later. Then again another hour later. Then, about 9:30, the grand finale: All the remaining food that had been in my stomach from the last 18 hours had been expunged.

Michael was lucky -- he just threw up once and went back to sleep. Mine was prolonged for hours. Then, I was still so out of sorts that I couldn't fall back asleep. Finally, as my stomach settled (there was other intestinal distress, but you don't need even more specifics), I was able to rest (and even watched "Pretty in Pink"). Around 4, I tried a cracker. I managed an scrambled egg around 6. At 8:30, I knew I needed some more nutrition and managed to get down a piece of cheese on dry toast. I went to bed and slept 10 hours.

This morning, I felt fine. Tired, but with a little appetite, but otherwise fine. I co-oped at the boys' school and discovered whatever this bug was, it was going around school pretty rapidly. I ate a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch and was still a little hungry after. I was ravenous for dinner. Yes, my brief illness was that quick. But damn, it was vicious while it lasted.

I'm on the porch tonight, and this must be the coolest evening I've been outside in weeks, maybe months. I'm wearing a sweatshirt but am enjoying the cool breeze on my feet. For now, I'm hoping Lori and Ben don't catch what Michael and I endured. Please, tell me Ralph has left the building.


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