Cold train running

For the third consecutive year, we went to Day Out With Thomas, an event at the historic Heber Valley Railroad that is all things Thomas the Tank Engine. We met some friends there this year and were hoping for a fun time.

It was fun but cold. Really cold, at least for Memorial Day weekend. Heber City is about 1,000 feet up from us, it was mostly cloudy, the wind was blowing and it was before midday. The conditions sort of sapped the fun out of the event, and Littlest, who seemed to be coming down with something, wasn't his usual energetic self

Yes, the boys did get to play with some trains. We did buy some Thomas stuff, and I'm happy to report we made it out spending less than $40 (last year it was near $100). We got our picture taken with Thomas -- the even features an actual working Thomas train, though it's not a real engine, it does move along the track with the other cars -- and did take a train ride, on which thankfully we found seats in the enclosed coaches rather than the outdoor ones which are popular this time of year. Littlest did perk up, too.

But it just wasn't the same. We left sooner than we did last year, drove to Park City for lunch (the boys did great in the restaurant) and came home, somewhat exhausted. Our day didn't quite go according to plan, but it was a good start to the Memorial Day weekend.


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