Leaps and bounds

Littlest turned 2 this week, and I'm amazed how much he's changed in the last couple months.

Don't get me wrong -- he's still the sweet, exuberant 24 pounds of nonstop energy he was before. But it's just interesting to see his vocabulary expand, his understanding of the world around him grow, and his interaction with others develop. Today, I called home from work, and while Wife was talking to me on the cordless, Littlest picked up the other phone, listened to us and then said "bye." I almost didn't catch it, either.

His favorite toy lately has been the giant plastic ball that shapes fit into. When he gets them all placed, he applauds himself, something he's been doing a lot of lately. Eldest went through the same milestones, but his were more obvious because it was only him. With two children, you are trying to recognize more of these moments, and sometimes they sneak up on you, perhaps more with the youngest. And when Littlest applauds, I have to make sure to applaud along with him. A standing ovation.


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