Silver bullets

(In an effort to blog more on days where I don't feel much like recapping my day, I'm going to bring back the random top five list.)


Don't ask why this popped into my head as a blog topic. I got to thinking about it after hearing an old WLS aircheck that included "Horizontal Bop" and one thing led to another to this point.

1. Against the Wind: One of my favorite songs, not just by Seger. I may have written about this song before: The singer reflects on the passage of time and how much he's learned and how much he hasn't. My favorite line: "Deadlines and commitments, what to leave in, what to leave out" -- essentially what I do as a newspaper copy editor.

2. Roll Me Away: Follows the usual Bob Seger theme of finding what's lacking in one's life, and how it's a journey that might never reach a conclusion. Used to perfection at the end of "Mask."

3. Traveling Man/Beautiful Loser: These two songs are paired on a live album, and it's a curious pairing -- one song is about someone afraid to settle down, the other is the opposite, about someone afraid to take a chance. I wonder if he paired them purposely or if they just melded together musically.

4. Night Moves: The song that launched other Seger songs about the same reflection on life, the amazement on how quickly it's gone. For years, I thought the line "How far off I sat and wondered" was "Hopped on a rock I sat and wondered." Wife still makes fun of me for that.

5. Rambling Gambling Man: Just a fun rock song, a good break in concert I would imagine when he gets too serious.

Finally, the three Bob Seger songs I could never hear again and not be sad: "Old Time Rock 'n' Roll" (which probably wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so overplayed, blame Tom Cruise for that), "Understanding" and "Shakedown."


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