May, I

(Note: Another post about the crappy spring weather in Utah. You've been warned.)

After a long winter and a hit-or-miss spring (at least before we moved to Utah it was hit or miss), I've always considered May as the turning point of the year. School was winding down come May. The sports world, and subsequently work, isn't as crazy come May (Jazz playoffs notwithstanding). The weather improves in May. Though baseball began a month ago, any little league or softball season I played in started in May. Everything turns green by May.

So what happened in Salt Lake City on May 1, 2008? It snowed.

It warmed up the past few days, and it looks like the leaves on our big tree are starting to finally break out past their buds. But I can't stress this enough: IT SNOWED! Hard, too -- I've seen snow in Milwaukee in May, but barely enough to collect. This snow whitened the lawn (thankfully, not the driveway, I would have blown a gasket if I had to shovel in May).

I made it to May, and May thumbed its nose at me. Now, I just need to make it to May 5, when the temperature should reach the 70s, the leaves should finally emerge, and I can be happy I reached the turning point. Bring the green.


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