Spring, days 16-29

I have two good reasons why I haven't blogged in two weeks. Actually, I just thought of a third.

First, I've been getting a lot of contract work. Steady writing and editing, a couple hours every night I'm not otherwise at the newspaper. The work has been great, and we definitely can use the money, but I'm finding myself not in the mood to write for myself afterward. The freelancing isn't going away anytime soon, so I need to figure out my schedule -- not convoluted with baseball and soccer -- to blog more often.

Second, I am suffering from a herniated disc in my lower back. That diagnosis was confirmed today at the physical therapist. I've had lower back pain/tightness before, but never has it shot down into my hip, glutes and hamstring. The pain at times has been unreal, particularly if I'm just rolling over or sitting up. I've been exercising less as a result and feel like the weight loss I achieved this year is evaporating. At least I have a diagnosis after today and a plan to stay focused on getting better, eating healthier and working out (as much as I can) over the next six weeks.

Third, the weather has simply sucked in SLC the past two weeks. Not as bad as in some parts of the country, but not very springlike, either. A long time ago, one of my bosses said how he thought March in Utah is actually nicer than April. He was right. Ben had a baseball game last night and it must not have been warmer than 40 degrees.

So, spring has been interrupted these past two weeks. That's OK. It will get better.


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