Spring, days 30-31

Wow, it's a month into spring already. Summer will be here soon.

This week has been sports, sports and more sports. Both boys had soccer practice yesterday and swim workout on Tuesday. Michael played two baseball games this week, Ben had one. Both boys have soccer games tomorrow and Ben has another baseball game in the afternoon.

I love all the sports -- I really do -- but I always find some relief when our three-sport spring ends in June and we just have swim team (although both boys are asking to do camps, hoops for Michael and soccer for Ben). Maybe my herniated disc and Lori's absolutely exhausting couple weeks at work have us thinking about June a little sooner than we should.

Oh, Michael's baseball team won 9-6 tonight. He went 1-for-2 but was a little bummed about striking out. This from a kid who struck out maybe three times all last season in machine pitch. He still is getting used to the fact that he doesn't have to swing at every pitch. I'd say he's figuring it out if he's 3-for-4 in two games. And I'd rather see him go down swinging than letting strike three whiz by him (which happened to about four of his teammates tonight).

We got frozen yogurt after the game. Yes, spring is an awesome time for sports!


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