Spring, days 39-42

Things settled down a little bit these past few days. Not much, but a little. Saturday was busy as expected: two soccer games, a baseball game, and Lori and I on a date to celebrate the upcoming 20th anniversary when we met. We went to Middle Eastern restaurant for dinner, then got a couple beers and got home at a decent hour. I was exhausted and slept a long time Saturday night into Sunday.

Michael woke up Sunday morning and threw up, and Ben's baseball practice was canceled, so we took it kind of easy until I had to go to work. The day was warm, and even Popcorn didn't feel like running as much as she usually does.

Monday was also kind of mellow. Today was my all-day co-op at the boys' school, swim practice for them, then a baseball game for Michael. He went 2-for-2 with a walk and three RBIs to help his team to a 20-2 victory. I was proud of him -- he is such an aggressive hitter that I didn't think he'd draw a walk all year, but he was patient and finally got one. I bought him a Dorito Loco taco (cool ranch!) at Taco Bell after to celebrate.

The herniated disc has been killing my glutes and hamstrings lately. It wasn't so bad today, and doing the exercises prescribed by the physical therapist has helped, but it's been a struggle. I have a month before June to get this better and lose some more weight (which got derailed by this). Spring is springing by ...


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