Summer 2014, Day 4

Only a few days left of school. The natives are getting restless.

I co-oped in Ben's class today for the last time this school year, and after a good start, the kids -- especially the first-graders in the class' 1/2 blend -- were far too fidgety for their own good. When they can't sit still just for read-aloud, you know they are thinking about summer. Even Ben was talking out of turn, shouting out answers when he didn't raise his hand.

The temperature is getting warmer -- it's supposed to be about 90 on Wednesday. We turned the air conditioning on yesterday, and it's doing its job. Michael had a shooting clinic with his new comp basketball program tonight, and the gym where it was at was warm. Near the end, he looked worn out -- his good shooting at the beginning of the practice severely waned near the end. He needs to get used to warm gyms, though, because he'll be playing a lot of basketball in June.

I took the dog for a long walk when we got home. The night was incredibly pleasant. Less than a week until school ends ...


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