Summer 2014, Day 7

Baseball season is winding down for both boys. I love baseball season, but more than any other year, it seemed to really get in the way. Both boys had so much else going on that it was a hassle sometimes, neither was overly excited about this season (especially Michael after he started playing comp basketball; he's been so whiny all season), and though I like coaching, I felt worn down after coaching two soccer teams, two basketball teams (and assisting a third) and helping with these two baseball teams. We've encountered a couple teams with overbearing jerks for coaches, and that hasn't helped my optimism either.

Michael's Giants are in the playoffs, and during our game tonight, we got treated to a double rainbow after a half-hour rain delay. The Giants won on a walk-off home run and now are in the tournament semifinals. Ben's team really doesn't play a tournament rather than a few extra games, and he's playing again tomorrow. Baseball here ends earlier than in the Midwest (we went through July), and that doesn't help the overall stress of multiple sports at once. I wish it would start later and run later, but I think that's my own childhood -- and the memories of summer baseball -- stepping up to the plate. Last year when Michael played All-Stars (not happening this year with so much basketball on tap in June), we had games with the temperature above 100 degrees. I can't remember a game that scorching when I was a kid, though I'm sure we had a few hot ones.

As for the rest of the day, I chaperoned Ben's field trip to an indoor swimming pool. He had fun, but the pool was a zoo; the teachers didn't want kids in the big pool (as opposed to the splash/waterslide pool), and without a few of them siphoned off, the smaller pool was too crowded. Ben and I did sneak a lap in on the big pool, and he's officially a faster swimmer than I am. He's going to have a great summer on swim team.

We picked up Barbacoa for dinner, and I got the dog out for a walk. The evening is cool after the rain went through. It will get hot again soon enough.


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