Summer 2014, Day 5

Today was my last day of co-oping for the school year. I've probably described this before: The boys go to a co-op school in which parents help teachers in the class room once a week (twice for me with two kids). I had split the co-ops up over two days after going both on one day last year. I'm probably going back to all on one day -- I discovered that I don't get as much done as I'd like in the mornings before I come to school, and I still feel sort of exhausted when I get home, so I might as well cram it into one day and be more productive on the second day. Of course, I'll do this and switch back to split days the next year ...

Though I generally feel blessed to be able to share the boys' school experience, by this time of year, co-oping has worn me down and I'll welcome the break. Many parents dread summer because they seem to be busy all the time. I look forward to it because I actually become a little less busy. With the last of the co-op shifts out of the way, all that's left is the last day of school next Tuesday.

Ben had a baseball game tonight, which we lost and the other team's coach irritated me (he irritates everybody). Today was warm, and it didn't cool off much in the evening when I took the dog for a long walk. I finished a big work project today, which was another relief in addition to the last co-op. Lori had a good day, too. All the pieces of summer are falling into place.


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