Summer 2014, Day 8

Today was the last soccer games for the boys, on a really nice summer day. Ben's team played great against a really good team that crushed us in the fall -- the final score today was 2-1, and I thought we were going to tie the game late. Michael's team didn't play so well. The Goblins bunched up, were standing around and weren't very aggressively, and didn't kick the ball well. We scored the first goal and were close in the first half, but then it all fell apart in the second half. Still, I was a little sad to see their season come to an end knowing I won't be coaching that group next year.

This was our last crazy Saturday, with Ben's baseball game and Michael at a basketball clinic at the same time. We were exhausted by the time we got home in the afternoon. Our street threw its annual block party, and we had a nice time chatting with neighbors while all the kids played. This was a nice way to finish May.


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