Summer 2014, day 60; Vacation, day 14

I slept soundly last night -- past 9 a.m.this morning. I woke up and worked up enough initiative to go for a run. My dad lives right by the bike trail that I used to run on in high school, and taking it two miles in and back is actually a nice little jaunt. Along the way, I saw two deer walk across the trail and stop after finding something they wanted to eat. On an urban yet forested bike trail, with no dogs allowed off leash, these deer must be pretty used to humans, because neither one moved as I ran by.

 I was antsy and wanted to get out and do more today, but no one in my family were as inclined. My dad took the boys to play tennis in the afternoon. I wanted to go for a drive but Michael wasn't up for it. The weather cooled off considerably from yesterday, and the breeze felt good, so I sat on my computer for an hour in the 70-degree wonderfulness. Lori, Michael and I did go to Nick's Drive-In for lunch (I was craving a gyro), but until the late afternoon, this was another mellow vacation day. We are at the point where we'll be sad that vacation is ending soon but are ready to get home. It's been two weeks and a few hours since we got on that train. It's just time.

In the evening, my father, the boys and I went to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs play the Padres. This was my first Wrigley night game in the 26 years since lights were installed, and I must say, I still prefer day games. The cooler weather that was so wonderful in the afternoon was downright chilly and windy once the sun dipped below the side of the ballpark. The game seemed to drag as well -- not surprising when the team you are rooting for is losing. The Cubs trailed 3-0, tied it 3-3, then fell behind 5-3. We left after the seventh inning; the Padres went up 8-3 soon thereafter, thus validating our decision to depart. I still love seeing games at Wrigley Field, and the boys do, too. Still, it would have been nice to sing "Go Cubs Go" tonight.


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