Summer 2014, day 62

We're baaack ...

Our adventure known as Midway Airport was mostly unadventurous. My dad got us to the airport in plenty of time, and getting through check-in and security wasn't an issue. We ate breakfast, boarded the Southwest plane, settled in for a relatively easy flight, found a cab in SLC, and were home by noon MDT.

Popcorn was so happy to see us. The family watching her had house-sat on Thursday night so the cat wouldn't be too spooked by Pioneer Day fireworks, so the dog was there when we returned. She was wagging her tail between her legs, as if she was happy but contrite that she did something that caused us to leave her for two weeks. The cat wasn't mad at us either, just meowing a little more than normal.

The rest of the day was purely recovery. I picked up Costa Vida for lunch, and Lori bought some groceries and I made the ravioli for the boys and me for dinner. I enjoyed a nice, long nap in my own comfortable bed. I also  took Popcorn to the park to throw a Frisbee to her for a little while, then took her out for a walk later, but the temperature was still 80 degrees at 10 p.m. We came back to perhaps the hottest week of the year after the coolest July I can remember in Chicago.

The lawn is full of weeds, but at least it's green and some of the grass I managed to grow earlier in the summer has survived. The weeds remind me of the tasks at hand over the next few months. Vacation was good, and now I'm focused on the remainder of summer and fall. Time to get to work.


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