Summer 2014, days 33-42: The crush and the boom

A week and a half without blogging. The crush of busy days that I had predicted finally overwhelmed me. OK, it wasn't so overwhelming that I'm frazzled. But it has been busy enough that I didn't blog all these days.

Michael had his basketball tournament last week and played well. His team went 2-2 and finished in fourth place out of 13 teams in his division. He scored two baskets, grabbed about 10 rebounds, and set three picks that sprung teammates for baskets.

Both boys had two swim meets during this time. And both joined the no-breather club by swimming a 25-meter race without breathing. Ben swam his best times in the freestyle and backstroke.

I've been swamped with freelance work as I try to get everything done before vacation next week. I made good progress but still have much to do in the next five days.

Temperatures finally climbed into the 90s for good -- it will stay around this hot the rest of the summer. We went to the waterpark for the first time Tuesday. I'm hoping we go again once next week, but with so much work looming, I'm not sure if I can take a few hours to go.

Today was Independence Day. We walked in the annual neighborhood parade and saw the fireworks at Sugar House Park. This was the boom.

I had hoped this past week was going to be a little more settled, and for the most part it was. But all of a sudden, vacation is almost upon us and feeling a little stressed to get everything done that needs to be done. I want to write so badly right now, but I need to devote that energy to writing for work. Summer is filling my brain, and I want to enjoy it. My goal is to get all the freelance work on my docket done before vacation, then experience summer in the Midwest in the present and in my memories. So much to do these next five days. So much to look forward to as well.


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