Summer 2015, Day 1

Tonight, I begin my annual journaling of summer, my favorite time of the year. By my count, May 23 to Sept. 9 (the day before the first NFL game) equals 110 days. That's plenty of time to blog this summer and all it brings.

It can't come soon enough.

The last three weeks or so have been continually rainy. I can't remember the last fully sunny day we have had here in Salt Lake City. May is usually a pleasant month, with a few rainy days but nothing like this. Temperatures have been cool -- I feel like we suddenly moved to Seattle. I usually start this summer blogging a week earlier or so, but the weather hasn't put me in much of a summery mood. And the next week isn't looking better. But, it's Memorial Day weekend, so now is the time to start

Today, this first day of my defined summer, was occasionally rainy and cool, just like the last two weeks. But it was eventful.

Michael was at Teton Science School for his fifth-grade class trip since Wednesday, and he returned today. Ben had a sleepover for his birthday party last night, and he and his friends woke up at 6 a.m. this morning. And amid all, we got a new car today.

We needed to replace our 2002 Outback for some time now -- it needs a lot of repairs and creaks  every time we turn. Plus, as the boys are getting taller, we need something with a little more room, as well as a car that we can take on trips. After a few weeks, we got a good deal on a RAV4 for our first brand new car in 18 years (almost to the weekend) since we bought our Corolla -- which we still own.

The process took all afternoon, but it timed out well -- Michael's bus arrived just about at the same time we finished the purchase. We came home but had to take the new car for a spin, so we drove to the West Jordan Nike Outlet to buy Michael a new pair of basketball shoes. Afterward, we went to the suburban location of Simply Sushi -- an all-you-can-eat sushi place, where we ate a lot. We took the long way home and gazed at the valley from the east belt route.

The rain may be hanging around, but the first day of summer was still great.


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