Summer 2015, days 4-6

Days 4 and 5 of this summer were much like the whole month: rainy. And it was finally taking its toll. Another baseball game rained out. Another day I couldn't work on the porch (where I work best and am less tempted to keep grazing in the kitchen). Another gloomy reminder that May has sucked.

OK, it hasn't sucked. But this is my favorite month because it prefaces summer. Everything is green, but it has been gray as well. Although I like thunderstorms like the one that passed through last night, I prefer them to be one-day events sandwiched between days of sun, not a break from just normal showers.

A glorious thing happened today, Day 6: The sun stayed out all day. I had to actually water the EZ Seed on the front lawn. I worked on the front porch. I took the dog on a long walk without worrying if we would be caught by a sudden storm. I kept the windows rolled down on the Corolla while it was in the driveway. I held soccer practice for the first time in four weeks -- the previous three Thursdays having been canceled because of downpours and lightning. I enjoyed the greenery and the long dusk that is a sure sign that summer has arrived.

With the flooding in Texas, I shouldn't complain about the rain here so much, but I'm glad it finally broke. Temperatures are climbing into the 80s over the weekend, and the 10-day forecast has no rain in sight. I need to clear vegetation around the outside AC unit, because we may need to turn the air on soon.


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