Summer 2015, Day 3

We got to drive the car a long time again today! Michael had a basketball game in South Jordan this morning -- a good 15-mile jaunt each way. His team lost (they looked so out of sorts this morning; Michael finished with 1 point and two vicious picks that put defenders on the ground), and after, I had to remember what car to look out for. We hit Subway on the way home.

The yard got plenty of attention today. Michael pulled weeds, I mowed and weeded the back lawn, the boys and Lori planted vegetable seedlings in the garden, I put down EZ seed on the front lawn. We got to drive again, to Home Depot, to get the plants and two bags of wood chips.

I grilled, and after dinner, we drove up to the H Rock for a little hike and the great view of the valley. The day was still partly cloudy, and we were too early for the sunset, but the boys appreciated the exercise, and Popcorn was super excited to run around. And we got to drive the new car again! I have a good feeling that this summer is going to be a lot of fun.


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