Summer 2015, Day 7

This glorious day would have been more glorious if work hadn't pummeled me. I had my agenda set on what I needed to get done in a reasonable time frame, but it turned I out, I accomplished very little of that agenda. Things kept coming up. We had to talk a writer off a ledge from quitting. Three Zoom meetings. Unexpected fires to attend to. I know it was just a four-day week, but hurray for the weekend!

Ben had a baseball game, which his team won 14-7 (it wasn't even that close). He struck out twice and now hasn't got a hit in a month ... but at least he has hits this season. He's still so enthusiastic. I took him to Costa Vida for dinner, where he ate an entire burrito. I got the dog out for a nice long walk tonight. Saturday is going to be busy, and I do have some work to do, but at least this week is over.


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