Tired, sleepy, fatigued

I'm 16 weeks into the new job, and I think this week, I was more tired than any of the previous 15.

I usually wake up during my sleep cycle around 5:30 to use the restroom. In the past, I merely went back to sleep, dozing off pretty quickly. Lately, I'm not falling back asleep so easily. I start thinking about my workday and what I need to do ... and I can't turn my brain back off. Yes, I'll doze for a little while, but even this week, that seemed impossible.

I should just get up and start working and nap later -- a perk of working from home. I should keep my phone out of my room, and I have been good at not looking at it every time I wake up, but I like listening to podcasts or ESPN radio on it while falling asleep, so it's in the room on the front end. Instead, I've just been lying in bed, trying to fall back asleep, the opposite of when I worked nights and couldn't fall asleep in the first place.

The solution would seem to be going to bed earlier, but I'm not quite designed for that. If I'm getting any personal writing done, it's late, after walking the dog. Make no mistake, I'm happy to be full-time again, I just am becoming keenly aware that 9-to-5, so easy for most people, is a massive adjustment for me after 25 years working nights (and the five I worked early, early mornings in Madison). I need to figure out a way how to not start thinking about work until I sit down in front of my Mac.

On the bright side, at least I wrote tonight. Time for bed ...


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