Summer 2016: Day 1

The temperature today reached 90 degrees. Our house is stuffy because we haven't turned on the air conditioning yet. I wore sunblock today. I also had two big buckets of cold water poured over my head today. Therefore, I'm declaring that summer has begun.

Granted the kids aren't out of school yet, but I'm feeling summery. Thus, my annual blogging goal for summer starts now. I'm counting 117 days for this summer, ending Sept. 7, which is the Wednesday before the NFL season begins. I'm hoping all 117 are great. No. 1 sure was.

Ben's last soccer game of the season was this morning, and we tied 3-3. Good friends volunteered their house for a end-of-season party, and I had promised a couple kids they could throw water balloons at me. Every player eventually did, culminating in not one but two bucket dumps. Nothing like taking one for the team, and though the water was cold (especially the first time -- I only did it the second time because one of the kids came late ...), it was fun on a hot day. The barbecue was yummy, and getting to hang out with the other parents outside of game/practice was enjoyable as well.

Michael had two basketball games later, and he won one and lost one. We went to Cafe Zupas for dinner in between. After arriving home, the house was so warm. I'm on the porch, hoping it cools off before heading back inside to eat.

Just 116 more days to go. No rush whatsoever!


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