Summer 2016: Day 2

We had a rare day in which we had nothing planned. No religious ed (CCD is done for the school year). No pressing work needs. Nobody to see. No appointments. Granted, Sundays are usually the day this happens, but for the past several weeks, they have felt nearly as busy as the rest of the week.

So today, we relaxed and leisured. I played Atari for 20 minutes and Super Mario Brother Wii with Ben. The boys and are saw "Captain America: Civil War." I grilled burgers for dinner, and we watched the finale of the "The Amazing Race" on the DVR. Lori and Michael went to Costco. I worked on the yard. Ben and I took the dog to the H Rock for a sunset hike, and climbed the mountainside and looked for fossils and unusual rocks.

We agreed we needed to do that hike more often. I told Ben that my favorite summers growing up were the ones after fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. I'm hoping his, and Michael's, are as memorable and fun.


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