Summer 2016: Day 4

Look for the good in each day. I should have been following that all winter, when I was stressed about work and struggling to find three positives things about each day. Work has improved -- my role is changing in a few weeks to something that fits my skills better -- but today was a mildly taxing day. I'm sitting on the porch and finally just wrapping up my Tuesday, and I am realizing that I should identify three good things today.

How about this:

  1. Ben got a hit in his baseball game today and drove in a run. He drilled a sharp grounder that just stayed fair down the first base line. His team lost 15-10, and there are only five games left in the season (and he's going to miss the finale because of a swim meet). I'm stunned how fast baseball always seems to go here in Utah. Back in Chicago growing up, it seemed to last all spring and most of summer. 
  2. We got the air conditioning in the Corolla fixed. The driver's side window won't go down (and it was going to cost a small fortune to get the part to fix it on a 19-year-old car), but at least we will have cool through the summer.
  3. I threw the ball to Popcorn instead of a walk, and she was happy to run.

Come summer, when the job changes and my schedule isn't so nuts, these stressful, were-there-any-positives-today days will all but dissipate. And I have a fourth good thing today -- I blogged.


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