Summer 2016: Day 3

Summer turned a little bit back to spring today, as it rained and was cool. I had a tremendously long day of work in which I logged 11 hours. This would be one of those days that nothing positive occurred. But at the end of the long day, I did manage to play several games of Blink -- a card game that is like Speed on, well, speed -- with Ben before the night ended.

Speed is sometimes referred to as Spit and is a quick two-player version of Solitaire in which players are trying to get rid of their cards in a hurry. I first learned Speed the summer after fourth grade; my neighbor George learned it that year and taught it to me. Besides Strat-o-Matic Baseball, I probably played more Speed than any other game that summer -- it was fast, intense, easy and fun.

Blink is a custom game like Speed in which players match custom cards by shape, color, or number. Ben struggled with it a little -- his brain is a little more analytical -- so we played Speed so he could get used to the fast-flying cards. That caused the flashback to summer 1980 and playing the card game so much. Anyway, the important part was that after a long, tiring day, I set aside time to hang out with Ben. The dog wasn't happy because I kind of bypassed her walk to do so (it was drizzling anyway), but the time with my son was the wind-down I needed after the long day.


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