High five

I can breathe again.

I can rest.

Summer is going to rock. It will be busy, of course, but it won't be so crushing.

I can do my thing, what I'm best at.

I can cherish every moment, especially with my family.

I can relax in the sun and be joyful for the life I've been given.

I can jump in the water when the sun gets too hot.

I can write.

I will be creative.

I will play games.

I will run.

No day will be wasted.

No self-pity. No misery.

No stress.

I made it. Well, I made it this far. And there's no end, but a restart, a restoration.

May, then June, then July, then August.

Let the anxiety fade into a distant memory.

Let the stress dissolve into something positive.

Let the sun shine.

Let the crisp night air inspire me.

Today finally was one of optimism.

Shout it, shout it, shout it out loud.

We all live in the ocean. We all start in the stream.

Full steam ahead.

Oh, high five!


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