Ho, ho, ho

We took the boys to see Santa today. A local shopping district has a Santa Shack, and we've been going every year since 2004 to the same place and the same Santa. Eldest at first was a little nervous, but came around, gave Santa a hug and told him he wanted a rocket ship for Christmas. The only problem is, he's been saying for the past three weeks that he was going to ask for a tow truck. The lesson to be learned here: Take your kids to see Santa before shopping. We hope he forgets about the rocket ship before Christmas morning.

Eldest also posed an interesting question to me: How does Santa get inside if we don't have a chimney or a fireplace? We assured him he would, then he pointed to the ceiling vent in our kitchen above the stove. Santa better call Jenny Craig if he's going to fit down that vent.

Littlest did great with Santa, no crying, no fear, nothing. We got a nice picture, drove around and saw some Christmas lights, then came home. Dec. 25 will be here soon.


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