Auld lang syne


Christmas has come and gone, and though it was great, I'm a little happy it's done. I'm ready to put away the ornaments, take down the lights, throw out the tree and temporarily erase holiday songs from my brain (and if I ever hear "Christmas Shoes" again, there's no telling what I might do). Does that make me a after-the-fact humbug? It never seemed like I was able to immerse myself in the holiday like I used to. I've worked a lot the last week, including getting called in Wednesday and anticipating three more shifts in the next four nights, so that might be souring my mood slightly. Packages we sent early last week to relatives still haven't arrived -- that's not helping either.

Christmas this year was something to get through rather than enjoy. I suppose that's my fault, looking too far ahead again. Christmas morning, when the boys opened their presents, was still wonderful. They had a blast and made out like bandits, and they let me sleep until 6:30 (though it's weird opening presents Christmas morning when it's still dark out, the flip side of late sunsets on the back end of a time zone). Thankfully, I had all of Christmas Eve off this year (after working the last two), but on Christmas day, which I volunteered to work (and always do) thinking it would be an easy shift, overtime and I'd be Christmased out by then, the shift wasn't so easy (for reasons beyond my control) and I didn't really want to leave Wife and the kids. I'm happy the holiday is over, but it did go too quickly.

I'm working New Year's Eve -- no biggie, we wouldn't be going out anyway -- then it settles down again. Bring on 2008.


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