Ills of society

All four of us our sick. Not tremendously sick, just little lingering colds/coughs that are hanging around. I'm waiting for mine to turn into JARS -- Joe's Annoying Respiratory Syndrome -- basically the bronchitis that follows just about every cold I get. Eldest was coughing a little bit at school (probably where he picked this up, as he was coughing first), and his intolerable teacher asked if he was tomorrow not to bring him in because "he puts his hand in his mouth so much that we can't have that." Funny, we don't see him putting that hand in his mouth at home or anywhere else, something in his preschool is stressing him out enough to do this or the teacher is overexaggerating. Just part of the preschool problems we've been dealing with, more on this to come.

Oh, I did witness Eldest put his hand in his mouth on the playground when I was picking him up -- to lick the snow off his fingers. Yes, the playground was full of snow today and they took the kids outside in it anyway. And didn't try getting his gloves on.

So we might keep Eldest home tomorrow just to avoid me getting called if he coughs once, and me saying something I'll regret later. One day he's not there is one day he's not there, not one day he's missing. We want a good week before Eldest's birthday, no sense spoiling it on Tuesday.

In the meantime, hurray for Mucinex -- JARS hasn't been so bad this time around.


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