Saw a brachiosaurus

We did keep Eldest out of school today, and instead I took the boys to a dinosaur museum to which we have a membership. it's a fun museum, with plenty of kids' activities, and it was the first time we went since Littlest began walking full-time. We all had a good time. Eldest played dinosaur games on the computer, Littlest got a kick out of this little cave in the Triassic Period, both loved digging for fake fossils.

Besides it being a good day, it reminded me how much I love our little adventures. Go someplace, eat some snacks I have stashed in the car, enjoy the day. We've gotten away from that since Eldest started school, I'm going to find a way once he switches preschools. I know these adventures won't last forever, that the boys will get older and there won't be as much free time, so I better plan them now.


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