O Tannenbaum!

One of our Christmas traditions is not to get a tree until after Eldest's birthday. We want to try to separate the two occasions, and though he's going to make out like a bandit this December, we've been good about not pushing Christmas until Dec. 10.

Today was Dec. 10, and our first order of business was getting a tree.

We have avoided Christmas tree lots for a few years now and instead buy from someplace cheaper, either a cactus/perennial store (seriously) or, the last two years, a Smith's Marketplace (like a Meijer's). We went tonight and picked out a tree, a 6-7 foot Grand Fir that Eldest helped select. Of course, we steered him in the right direction, but pointed one out, we looked at it, and we all approved. It's difficult to know how good a tree will look until all the branches drop lower (sometime tomorrow it should thaw out), you just pick one that looks straight, but it's the perfect height (we don't have a tall ceiling in our living room.

It should be fun to decorate, we just have to keep the hooks away from Littlest. We'll see how overloaded the top of the tree is with ornaments, and how bare the bottom is, by the new year.


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