I'm already on my way out

The title of today's post is from "Return of the Jedi." The Millennium Falcon and Wedge's X-wing have reached the core of the new Death Star, Lando points out the reactor Wedge should target, and Wedge replies "I'm already on my way out" before he fires, meaning he's completing the task at hand and getting out of Dodge in one action.

It's been a seemingly long, unproductive week. I don't know if it's the lack of sunlight, not getting as much sleep as I should, eating like crap, not exercising much lately or our struggles with Eldest's preschool, but it has just seemed like a blah few days. I generally feel a little of this malaise every winter, but usually not until after Christmas. Maybe it's just being antsy -- antsy to start the new year, to get a new routine in place once Eldest switches preschool (oh, by the way, we're switching Eldest's preschool), to start exercising again and to live healthier, to write more, to get the house in order. All that is still a few weeks off, and combining it with the lack of daylight this December, I am antsy.

But the break I was hoping for might be arriving on schedule.

Six months ago, I blogged about the first technical day of summer. Here we are, six quick months after the longest day of the year, and I am coming up on the shortest day of the year. I'm a definite spring/summer person, and winter hasn't even begun. But something very interesting about the tilt of our Earth -- the earliest sunset isn't on the first day of winter. The latest sunrise is, but not the earliest sunset. For the past two weeks, the sunset has been at 5 p.m. Salt Lake City time. Friday, it will be 5:01 p.m. (Thanks to The Old Farmer's Almanac for the info). And since I'm not a morning person anyway, the later sunset, even by one minute, means one thing -- I'm already on my way out.


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