Back in the swim

The boys started their swim lessons again Tuesday. I was worried they would have forgotten much of what they've learned, as their last lessons were six months ago and they haven't been in a pool in about three. But for the most part they picked up right where they left off. Eldest was as enthusiastic as ever and only kept his face in the water for a second or two at a time. His teacher also noted that as he's gotten taller (he can stand at about 3 1/2 feet now) his center of gravity changed, and he had to get used to finding his balance again while floating on his back. Littlest complained through his lesson just like he always did -- complained he had to work, he was more angry than uncomfortable or afraid -- but remembered he could float.

It was a good restart. We have to take them to the pool more often in between lessons. They don't float for us quite as well as they do with their teacher, but they definitely have more fun.


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