Stir crazy

January is my least favorite month, partly because there is so little to do outside. There's only so much snow you can play in once it turns to ice. Plus we get these nice little inversions in SLC that blanket the valley with smog. The mix of cold, ice, pollutants and lack of daylight drive me a little batty, as well as the boys, who don't get to run around as much. Two years ago we had a bad inversion, but we drove to Park City one day to get above it, and Eldest (at the time, he was Only) ran down the sidewalk on Main Street, he was so happy to get outside.

Today we went to IKEA and Target, and I could tell both boys just wanted to run. I kept Littlest in the cart at IKEA, which he didn't like, but let him walk around at Target. Kind of a mistake, he wanted to explore when we just needed a loaf of bread. It's supposed to get warmer, so hopefully the snow will melt, and Eldest begins a gym class, his new preschool, rock climbing and swim lessons next week (Littlest also has swim and gym starting up again). Less than two months until March.


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