In the mix

I'm reading a new book that Wife got me, Life is a Mix Tape, by Rob Sheffield. I'm only a couple chapters in, but it's kind of an autobiography in the context of mix tapes the author made and owns throughout his life. So far, it's been interesting, and one thing that may come from reading it is buying songs off iTunes that are on his mix tapes.

I used to make mix tapes a lot. Some for friends, many for Wife, many for my own nostalgic streaks. The making of the mix tapes ended around 2000, when I got a burner on my computer and I started making mix CDs. Those ended after I got an iPod, when it shifted to mix playlists, but honestly, that's not the same. I'm the only one who hears the playlists, and most of them tie into the nostalgic streaks and not for other people. So, I might start compiling more themed playlists and posting them here, as well as burning some CDs. I still listen to CDs, but their organization is such a mess (blame Littlest, who is fascinated in my collection but never puts them back in the right spot), maybe this will spur some action there, too.

Reading this book made me realize how much effort I put into mix tapes way back when, and that I missed it a little. Even if I don't burn any CDs and just compile more unique playlists, I think it will still be worth it.


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