Cough it up

Our house hasn't been the healthiest place this week. We all got this little gastro-intestinal thing (nothing too bad, only Littlest threw up), and Eldest is running a little fever and has a congested cough. He was in a good mood today but we still kept him out of school. I called his pediatrician for some advice, and the nurse said we should bring him in because of the fever.

Of course, we get to the doctor's office, into the exam room, and all of Eldest's symptoms temporarily disappear. All the while, Littlest is having a blast, running around the room, taking the doctor's ear tool, putting a toy train on the stool right near the doctor's butt (I for sure thought that was going to end badly) -- and I finally put him on the exam table (Eldest was sitting on a chair being examined). Littlest then climbs off the table! The doctor showed mercy and gave them both a lollipop. Eldest is fine, just have to give him Tylenol and Robotussin for a couple days. He doesn't like the Robo, and I don't blame him, but this will be good practice taking yucky medicine.

Now I'm just waiting to unfortunately catch what Eldest has. I don't think my mood will be as good.


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