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I'm watching the Patriots-Jaguars playoff game and switching over to Urban Cowboy on VH1 Classic during commercials. Actually, I'm flipping between the NFL, Urban Cowboy and The Hunt for Red October, meaning I have my choice of Scott Glenn, scuzzy or military. If Silence of the Lambs comes on later, you can add investigative to that list.

Anyway, I'm watching Urban Cowboy and remembering what a mini-sensation this caused in 1980. Wife has a theory that about every 10 years, country explodes in the mainstream, but eventually fades back into country. It's a good point, think of the Garth Brooks success in the early 1990s and the Shania Twain/Faith Hill/Trisha Yearwood/Dixie Chicks stage of the late '90s and Rascal Flatts mania today. If I listed my 10 favorite country songs (and there might only be 10), many would be from the early '80s, including "I Love a Rainy Night," "Elvira" and "Lookin for Love."

One other thing about Urban Cowboy: This is terrible, but watching it today, if I was John Travolta, I might have stayed with Madolyn Smith rather than going back to Debra Winger. She was contrite and urged Bud to go back to Sissy. Doesn't that show moral fiber? Thankfully, they never tried to sequel this movie. It's kind of a classic, but one was enough, and besides, John Travolta sequels are always terrible -- remember (then try to forget) Grease 2, Stayin' Alive and the Look Who's Talking follow-ups. I can't speak for Stay Cool, but let's be thankful there was just one Battlefield Earth movie


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