It;'s Madness I tell you, Madness!

My four favorite days of basketball season (my sons' basketball seasons notwithstanding) are right now: the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament. These last two days featured 16 games each -- all televised; the next two days will see eight more each day. Needless to say, I've watched a lot of hoops in the last 36 hours.

Of course, I watched Marquette (my alma mater) win, but March Madness is a celebration of basketball, not just my own favorite team or the schools I have in my bracket. I found myself rooting for underdogs (the two No. 15 seeds that shocked No. 2 seeds today) knowing the upsets would upset my bracket. Alas, the first weekend is only one weekend, and though next weekend's games will be viewable and entertaining, it won't match the sheer volume of these past two days.

Marquette plays Saturday, and I'm hoping my Warriors make the Sweet 16. That would make March all the more sweet.


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