In a lull

Lately, I haven't been as inspired to write as I would like to be. I'm not sure if I'm truly uninspired, simply too busy, or just tired. My fallback plan when I have nothing to write about is supposedly to recount the day, but even my days lately have seemed boring. Take today: I co-oped, came home and made lunch for Ben and me, napped, went back to school to get Michael, took him to swimming, made dinner, went to the park to get pine cones for a science project in Ben's class, came home, watched part of "The Muppets" with the boys, took Popcorn for a walk, and now I'm here. Somehow, that took all day.

I'm somewhat resisting writing about the past too much here -- and it seemed I had been doing that too much lately. The present isn't that boring, either. Maybe I am just tired, and maybe the warm weather forecast for this weekend will snap me out of the rut. Give me a couple days. I'll be too wordy again soon.


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